Comparing yourself to others!

Comparison is a vicious cycle. Firstly, it starts from our childhood when the parents compare their kids to their neighbors, or their friends’ kids. Also, parents think if they point out that siblings or cousins are better than their children, they are trying to motivate them. Unfortunately, this cycle continues to the future and we […]

Start your Success Journey

Every single person on this earth can be successful, however you have to change your mind set, the way you think, by at least start removing the word SHOULD and replace it with MUST. Normal person will say I should start my own business! however successful person will say I must start my own business today! That’s […]

Shifting Negative Self Talk to Positive

It’s normal to say bad things about ourselves once in a while, but when negative self talk happens regularly it becomes destructive. It surely starts affecting every aspect of our lives. As it is said, “What you tell yourself every day will either lift you up or tear you down”. To shift negative self talk we […]

Positivity is like a shower

“Positivity is like a shower you need to take everyday”. It makes you perceive challenges as opportunities to learn and change. My positivity is intuitive, but I skilled it with life coaching, which serves people who need to integrate, amongst others, positivity in the system of their minds. Remember that as long as we BREATHE, […]

Do you know what forgiveness is?

Do you know what forgiveness is? Let us first check what forgiveness isn’t. Forgiveness is not about approving the behavior, it is not reconciliation, it is not denying what happened. Forgiveness is a decision to free yourself by releasing resentment towards yourself or the person who has harmed you. It is true that what happened […]