Comparing yourself to others!

Comparison is a vicious cycle.

Firstly, it starts from our childhood when the parents compare their kids to their neighbors, or their friends’ kids.

Also, parents think if they point out that siblings or cousins are better than their children, they are trying to motivate them.

Unfortunately, this cycle continues to the future and we start comparing ourselves to our peers, colleagues, etc…

“Oh! They are there and I’m still here.”

You start putting unlimited pressure on yourself.

Comparing is exhausting.


  1. Stop comparing yourself to others!
  2. Stop caring of what people think or expect of you!
  3. Stop listening to toxic people around you!
  4. Stop listing things you’re unhappy about!
  5. Stop wanting what others have!
  6. Stop wasting your time and energy watching others’ lives.


  1. Be GRATEFUL for whatever is yours right now.
  2. Be UNIQUE so you get an opportunity to check many different dimensions of Your LIFE.
  3. Mind your own business!
  4. Mind your own life!
  5. Try to live your life according to your own choices.
  6. Try to do your own capacities based on your principles and values.

You have a Genius inside you that is longing to get outside and start expressing itself in a unique way.

Choose carefully your friends, don’t compare  to them , you are UNIQUE!

Live your journey with using your power.


By Coach Aline  


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Anthony Rizk

Anthony Rizk

Anthony Rizk has been a student and researcher of human behavior patterns, lateral thinking, behavioral change, NeuroLinguistic Programming and hypnosis for many years. He holds a Masters in Business Administration, and is NGH Certified, a peak performance strategist and coach, a NeuroLinguistic Programming Trainer, a Corporate Trainer and a Motivational Speaker.