” I wish I could have a small Anthony in my pocket. I wish I could keep him for myself because he is the most positive person I’ve met in a long time. I might sing to him my whole life. He took away the phobia I had from singing in front of cameras, and I’ll be forever thankful. Michaella was here, is here, and will still be here. “

” Anthony Rizk is the Anthony Robbins of Lebanon. In ONE session, YES in ONE session, Anthony helped me get rid of my Amaxophobia (Fear of riding in cars) which tortured me for almost 2 years. My fiance described my transformation in 2 words: “It’s MAGIC”!!!”

” After experiencing the (Business NLP) course, I’ve realized the unlimited benefits of easily learning this science. Naturally, my sales activites as a Financial and Insurance Consultant is boosting and my coaching skills as a sales trainer are expanding. The more I use Business NLP techniques, the more my career life is improving. Now, my fiance, my parents and my friends are really curious to see the NEW ME after experiencing the clinical NLP course that Im gonna attend. As my career life flourished after Business NLP, I’m expecting happiness in my personal life after Clincal NLP. Thank you Anthony for letting me focus on the most effective place to invest. “

Anthony Rizk = 80,000 Euros increase in sales in one week! “

“Very interesting information that links techniques of NLP with practical sales approach.”

” Thank God for people like Anthony to awaken us. We’re surrounded by people who try to pass on their emotional poisoning. “

” Hypnotherapy changed my life! Thank you Anthony for being so understanding and helpful. “

“Very professional coaching by Anthony, and a very interactive training. New methods were applied in the training. Thanks for this interesting training.”

” Taking the NLP training with Anthony has changed my life and me personally. From the second day, I started seeing major changes that affected my life and people around me. “

” Thank you for helping me become a non-smoker. I remember the benefits and I choose self control. I have been a proud non-smoker for 8 months. The non-smoking certificate is also great! Thanks again. “

“One of the best sales mastery trainings I ever attended.”

” After Anthony’s training, my speech and conversations will be easily flowing with my audience, because of the effective techniques and practice. Giving training is naturally better now after realizing that building rapport enforces awareness in the other. “

” Thank you for turning my team into highly motivated and effective selling machines! “

“This training was directly related and applicable in the work field, the motions related to the client’s behavior are very helpful to close a deal.”

” Anthony is an excellent trainer. I took this course with my wife who was first skeptical. We left the course wanting to enroll in future trainings. Coming from a business background, I have taken courses and paid lots of money on trainings, but I feel that this one is the most beneficial and pleasant one I have taken so far. Take courses with Anthony whenever you have the chance and you will not regret it! “

” You are such an inspiration Anthony. I cannot thank you enough for removing my fear of heights. God bless you. “

” Thank you for helping us overcome our obstacles. We are eternally grateful and closer than ever before. “

” When I thought my life was meaningless, you showed me a new and meaningful way of looking at it. Thank you for showing me my true potential and that life is actually very worth living. “

“One of a kind experience, I wasn’t expecting it to be so interesting and helpful in the business field. Thanks a lot Anthony Rizk. It truly exceeded my expectations.”

” Mr. Rizk is an exceptional presenter, I met him briefly before taking the course and I was fascinated by his enthusiasm, passion and devotion to his work. I learned a lot from him throughout the course, and not only did I gain new skills but also a great friend. “

” Thank you for helping me lose 23 kg. When I look at the mirror, I really really like what I see :-) I feel great! Thanks again. “

” I would like to personally thank you for helping my son get rid of stuttering. He is also doing much better in school. God bless you. “

“A highly recommended training to attend. Anthony is a great instructor that swifts you off your feet with his knowledge. NLP is a great method to be used when closing a deal!”

” I had my first presentation today and it went GREAT! I was skeptical at first, but now i truly believe in the power hypnosis and the power of my own mind!! Thank you for removing my fear of public speaking and sweaty palms. “

” Remarkable and Extraordinary Training! With Over 6 years experience in sales, I have never attended such an informative, practical, rich, and challenging course.  Now, I can surely say that the Ultimate sales training course made me a better communicator and negotiator. Anthony Rizk is a very knowledgeable trainer with excellent training skills, combining theory and examples from the field and extracting the valid points from the different contributions from the group. I would definitely recommend this training course to every person who wants to go that extra mile in his job. Looking forward to attending more of your trainings, Anthony! “

” Thank you for helping me stop my insomnia. I had it for many years. Now I sleep every night and wake up fully refreshed and energetic. I also miss the big brown chair in your clinic; it reminds me of inner peace and great insights :)

Thank you Anthony Rizk for this amazing, rich training which was very informative, useful and helpful. I will definitely try to apply this with the guest at Advanced Car rental, I am sure it is going to be a positive step in my professional life.

” This is the second training I do with Anthony. All I can say is that Anthony knows the material impressively well and he had the answers to all the questions he was asked… Not hesitating one moment to explain the more and lesser intricate details in different manners for us to comprehend and make us reach the more profound and elaborate explanations and solutions to any case that would come around. Thank you Anthony!!!!!! “

“Excellent, seriously thank you for this new and challenging experience. Will remember you for all my life.”

“It was a great event as always, Anthony’s energy and skills are positively contagious. Thank you for this great day!”

"This course was highly beneficial and fulfilling. It really fed me a lot of knowledge for personal growth and to help others that are truly hungry to grow and improve."

This course added a lot of knowledge and value to me. I learned a lot theoretically and way more practically. This is why I highly recommend it to everyone!

It was a joy to attend this training. It was an eye opener for me to see life in a different way. Thank you Anthony!

One of the most inspiring courses in my life. Love it! It changed my life!

Very intense and inspiring. Helped me rediscover hidden parts of myself. Looking forward to pass on this service to others.

This course is fantastic. it is a life changing experience. If you want to change your life and not be average, take this course!

The added value you earn from this course is super self motivational and beneficial. Anthony is just an amazing person and brilliant coach.

It was a fabulous and serious course. With the talented mastery coach Anthony Rizk, your energy just flows…

I loved this course. Thank you Anthony really. You are so… I don’t have words to say. This course changed something in me definitely and in my life. Thank you.

This wasn’t just a course, it was a life changing experience. Coach Anthony you gave us what we couldn’t find in book. Best coach ever 🙂 Love you and will miss you.

It is a turn over in my life. This course give us another goal, another meaning, another insight to our lives. I simply changed to become a better version of myself.

All the respect for a coach who gives everything from his heart. It’s really impressing how your passion shows in every word you say and every course you explain.

Coach Anthony is the best. He made us feel like we’re in an outing and just talking, while getting to do the best thing ever, which is being able to help others.

Awesome and overwhelming seminar with an extraordinary coach