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Motivational Speaker in Lebanon & Middle East

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Motivational Speaker in Lebanon & Middle East: Motivation is the precursor to all achievement. Nothing new ever takes place, until people become inspired to make a change. Life without motivation is like a sailboat that has no wind. It simply goes nowhere.

Many speakers have spent years studying the science of achievement and figuring out what motivates human behaviour. The goal of a motivator is to help others develop systems and strategies for becoming better at whatever they do.  A good speaker shows those his audience how to break through internal barriers and unlock their greatest potential.

Anthony Rizk is much more than an incredible motivator who taps directly into the hearts and minds of his audience. He is someone who empowers others to create positive personal changes that last for a lifetime.

Anthony understands that motivation is a one-time deal.  But true, lasting change is a process; one that continues to unfold long after the event is over.

Anthony Rizk’s one-day events are interactive workshops that inspire, inform and entertain everyone involved. Each talk is custom-made to fit the particular needs and goals of those in attendance.

Anthony offers valuable insights, strategies and concepts that listeners can instantly utilize and apply to their own lives. People often describe the transformations that they’ve achieved through applying Anthony’s system as being nothing short of “magic.”

Anthony has uncovered little-known keys to success and personal achievement that enable any individual to operate at a level of peak performance. He uses humor, anecdote and modern-day research to share his knowledge with anyone interested in achieving greatness.

Anthony has achieved international acclaim as a peak performance coach; operating throughout Lebanon, the Middle East and the Gulf.

Anthony’s no-filler, high-powered style fills the room with a positive energy that engages the audience and helps people make rapid internal shifts that lead to success.

His action-oriented presentations are powerful, mesmerizing and relevant to the listener’s everyday life.

Anthony is committed to the success of your group. He uses stories and examples that connect with the audience on both an intellectual and emotional level.  His captivating keynote speeches inspire greatness and help people maximize their power to create personal breakthroughs.

Whether you are a community leader, manager, group affiliate or someone who simply wants to enjoy a higher quality of life, Anthony Rizk is your “go-to” guy for results.

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