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List of training services

Corporate Training In Lebanon & The Middle East: Whether you need a one-day onsite training session for your front-office staff or you need consulting and training for a major organizational development project, Anthony Rizk can help!. For more News & Training Dates, visit our events page Here.

Advanced Sales Training – Mining Gold

This course addresses the development needs of your employees within the organization to easily persuade your clients by using golden rules & strategies, Meta program & magic words.

Advanced Negotiation Skills Training Using NLP

This course provides a brief guide on key principles and techniques for successful negotiation using some theories and much practice which teaches you how to influence others with a sense of confidence.

Emotional Intelligence Training

This course helps organizations seeking to create a comfortable work environment where their employees experience positive emotions which reflect the unlimited growth and success of the organization through using Mind Models, verbal and non verbal communication skills and many other effective tools.

Leadership & Coaching Skills Training

Leadership Corporate Training in Lebanon & Middle East : This interactive 2-day course is intended for all Leaders and Managers. By using specific tools and techniques, leaders with the proper coaching skills will have more effective, confident and motivated staff that will be able to create better productivity and results.

The New You Motivation Seminar.

Motivation Corporate Training in Lebanon & Middle East: This event is intended for all people who desire to explore the different aspects of themselves and naturally say YES to change, self mastery and peak performance. It focuses on motivating each member to break their limits, and thus achieving more than they thought possible. The New You will pump up the energy in the participants and teach them how to always perform at their best with passion, self confidence, and motivation.

Shine with Elegance and Confidence

Co-trained with a Personal Branding and Image Consultant. Personal Branding Corporate Training in Lebanon & Middle East: This 1 day program is intended for all ladies who are interested to know the latest trends for effective personal branding and social etiquette. It will teach them how to dress, choose their style and become marvelous women inside out

Motivational  Corporate Training in Lebanon & Middle East : A successful person is a motivated one. Based on this saying, Anthony can help you achieve an excellent state of mind and discover personal breakthroughs. Imagine having the spirit of a passionate leader every single day! Imagine performing at your peak every single minute! How would your life be like? How will you wake up every morning knowing that you have full control over your day? Now imagine how motivating your employees or colleagues would add immense value to the overall productivity and efficiency of your organization.

Communication Skills Corporate Training in Lebanon & Middle East : Mastering key effective communication skills is a must for every successful pioneer. Since most of our interactions with other fellow human beings involve some form of communication, wouldn’t it be worthwhile to invest in yourself and become a communicator?

Negotiation Corporate Training in Lebanon & Middle East : All great negotiators can tell you that the key to a successful negotiation begins with flexibility. The more flexible your approach is, the more likely you are to influence the other party. A great presupposition in NLP states that: “The most flexible element in a system is often the controlling element.” In this corporate training in Lebanon , participants learned and mastered key principles of negotiation and the power of influence and flexibility.

Sales Corporate Training in Lebanon & Middle East : Everybody is always selling something. Whether you are selling a product, service, a certain image, or even your thoughts, Anthony can help you do it faster and better. Few sales people know that people but out of emotions. If your potential client likes you, he/she will buy from you because it “feels” right. If a client doesn’t like you, he/she will buy from your competitor. By incorporating the newest techniques into his trainings, Anthony will share with you his own hands-on techniques to turn you into a master seller, and more importantly, develop and maintain customer loyalty.