Life Coach Certification in Lebanon

If you’re looking for an internationally accredited life coach certification in Lebanon, then you’ve come to the right place.

Ever wondered how a losing soccer team comes out of the locker room in the second half and wins the game? Since the players didn’t have time to enhance their stamina or skills during this short break, something must have happened mentally to help them in their comeback. In short, they had a great talk with their great coach.

We’re all familiar with coaching in sports. Many world-class athletes wouldn’t be where they are if it weren’t for the dedicated support and strategies of their coaches.

Similarly, most top performers and high achievers in life hire life coaches. Just like sports coaches, life coaches are professionally and extensively trained to help you reach your full potential and become an upgraded version of yourself.

Life coach certification in Lebanon – Is for you if:

  • People usually come to you for advice
  • You’re looking for a career in life coaching
  • You want to add International Credentials to your resume
  • Love helping others
  • Value personal growth
  • You’re looking for cutting edge tools to help you change people’s lives.
  • You are willing to coach and get coached
  • You are willing to have a breakthrough
  • Coach Anthony Rizk, in collaboration with the National Federation of NLP, and provides a world-class life coach certification training for individuals looking to level up their lives or the lives of their clients.

Life Coach Certification in Lebanon is very hands-on, where you will learn a variety of tools, techniques and life coaching models, and will practice them with your peers. You will also be added to a group of over 140 highly experienced and certified life coaches around the world to support you throughout this learning process, in order to make sure that you can change lives every single session, with every single client.



Life Coach Certification in Lebanon