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Political Coaching in LebanonPolitical Coaching in Lebanon & Middle East: The life of a politician can be a very strenuous one. You have the pressures of running a successful campaign, while being under constant scrutiny of the public eye. You have to manage the minds, emotions and actions of many different people; including yourself. This can be a tremendous drain on your energy and emotional resources; leaving you broken down and discouraged at the end.

Anthony Rizk is a master in the psychology of human behavior. He understands the structure of how people think and the reasons as to why they choose one candidate over another. Anthony is is committed to making sure that you “stay on top” using his knowledge of the human mind and business experience.

Anthony will show you how to define your mission and make sure that everything about you stays “on course” with the message. He will teach you the art of “Ethical Persuasion;” how to influence others for the good of all, while staying in-line your values and the highest code of moral standards.

Anthony will help you master time-tested and proven techniques for getting your political agenda heard, understood and addressed, all while remaining true to your authentic self.

You’ll learn how to build a following, establish rapport with your audience and successfully navigate the public process. Anthony will show you how to speak eloquently and elegantly in front of large audiences; inspiring your listeners to take immediate and appropriate action. You’ll also learn how to become a person of “Presence” someone who can move the hearts and minds of people in an almost magical way.

Anthony will teach you how to speak with confidence and authority, winning the voters over for your cause. Leadership is about bringing people together and motivating them to take action toward common goals. Anthony Rizk will give you the tools and expertise that you need to do just that.

Anthony will walk with you every step of the way, offering the support, guidance and strategic action plan to ensure that you leave a promising legacy for future generations. You will have the techniques, tactics and knowledge to really get the most that you can out of every campaign dollar.

These skills will enable you to massively impact your audience on both an intellectual and emotional level. You will learn how to dissolve many of the barriers that come with running for office and even avoid ones that you may have been unaware of.

Your job, as a politician, is to turn passion into action; to get people involved with the issues that matter most. Anthony will help you clarify your vision and arm you with the resources to manifest that outcome in your campaign. He will focus on developing your personal leadership style, positioning yourself as the very best choice for public office.

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