Haya Zawati

Coach Anthony is the best. He made us feel like we’re in an outing and just talking, while getting to do the best thing ever, which is being able to help others.

Bernadette Amoury

All the respect for a coach who gives everything from his heart. It’s really impressing how your passion shows in every word you say and every course you explain.

Diala Ayach

It is a turn over in my life. This course give us another goal, another meaning, another insight to our lives. I simply changed to become a better version of myself.

Rana Ayoub

This wasn’t just a course, it was a life changing experience. Coach Anthony you gave us what we couldn’t find in book. Best coach ever 🙂 Love you and will miss you.

Emanuela Vincenti

I loved this course. Thank you Anthony really. You are so… I don’t have words to say. This course changed something in me definitely and in my life. Thank you.

Rana Charaf El Dine

It was a fabulous and serious course. With the talented mastery coach Anthony Rizk, your energy just flows…

Charly Yaacoub

The added value you earn from this course is super self motivational and beneficial. Anthony is just an amazing person and brilliant coach.

Katy Hakmeh

This course is fantastic. it is a life changing experience. If you want to change your life and not be average, take this course!