Master NLP Practitioner Certification Course in Lebanon

Master NLP Practitioner Certification Course in Lebanon August 11, 12, 18, 19 (2018)

This life changing 4-days intensive course is about changing yourself and helping others change, whilst taking your practice to a whole new level. This is your chance to become certified as a Master NLP Practitioner from the world’s largest NLP Federation in the world, the National Federation of NLP in USA. The class will run over 4 days from 10am – 6pm each day. During the course, you will learn and master all kinds of change and personal development techniques. We’ve given this class only three times within 4 years!

What you Master:

Advanced submodality distinctions
Instant trance inductions
Waking hypnotic patterns
Embedded commands
Using metaphors for deep trance marking
Covert meta program mastery
Advanced modeling skills for success
Changing beliefs subconsciously
Covert change patterns
Time distortion patterns
Accelerated learning

What you will earn: Upon completion of the written examination, you will become a Certified Master NLP Practitioner by the world’s largest NLP certifying body: The National Federation of NLP, USA..

Course Duration: 4 days

Course Dates: 11, 12, 18, 19 August, 2018

Location: Beirut, Lebanon

Requirements: English language is a must – Basic NLP certification is a prerequisite

Investment fees: $2,000 NET (Early Bird Discount: USD 1,600 NET per person valid till 25th July, 2018)

* Investment fees include: course manual, certificate from the National Federation of NLP in the USA, one year membership in the federation, coffee breaks and lunches.

Master NLP Practitioner Certification Course in Lebanon August 11, 12, 18, 19 (2018)

For registration or more information: + 9613499262 or +96170925387 or [email protected]


Anthony Rizk

Anthony Rizk

Anthony Rizk has been a student and researcher of human behavior patterns, lateral thinking, behavioral change, NeuroLinguistic Programming and hypnosis for many years. He holds a Masters in Business Administration, and is NGH Certified, a peak performance strategist and coach, a NeuroLinguistic Programming Trainer, a Corporate Trainer and a Motivational Speaker.