William Horton will be coming to Lebanon to teach Hypnosis, Conversational Hypnosis and Hypnoepigenetics!


William D. Horton, PsyD, CADC, CMI, BCH, OB, considered by many to be the world’s leading

NLP and Hypnosis trainer, is also a licensed psychologist, certified alcohol and drug counselor, and NGH certified master instructor. He was one of the few non-law enforcement people to be asked to attend the FBI Crisis/Hostage Negotiation course at the FBI academy. He is the author of the best seller Mind Control, How to Get Others to do What You Want, and Have Them Think it was Their Idea and NLP 4 $ales, as well as Primary Objective, Neuro-Linguistic Psychology and Guerrilla Warfare, and co-author of The Psychology of Sales. His articles are considered a must-read in the fields of hypnotism and psychology.

His passion for this technology comes from personal experience. He has a black belt in karate, has won tournaments, and has been published in martial arts journals. Learn from the leader in the field of “street smart” Hypnosis and NLP.


  • COURSE 1: Certified Hypnotherapist through the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH) and the National Federation of Neurolinguistic Programming (NFNLP)
  • COURSE 2: Conversational hypnosis
  • COURSE 3: Hypnoepigenetics


COURSE 1: Certified Hypnotherapist through the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH) and the National Federation of Neurolinguistic Programming (NFNLP)

You will learn …

✓ Hypnotize any client with confidence

✓ Hypnosis depth testing

✓ Speed hypnosis

✓ How to hypnotize with a 3-step classical hypnotic induction procedure

✓ How hypnosis can be beneficial for you and your clients

✓ How to properly explain hypnosis to clients

✓ How to do a “progressive relaxation” induction

✓ Applications of hypnosis, including smoking cessation, weight control, stress management and much more…

✓ How to set up your practice and build your clientele

✓ How to change lives using hypnotherapy

Once you have completed the course, you will receive your NGH and NFNLP certification.

Course consists of hands-on practice, case studies, discussions, simulations, demonstrations, role-playing activities, homework assignments, review, and tests.

COURSE 2: Conversational hypnosis

Do you dream of really knowing how to influence people and get them to take action?

As I think of this I am reminded of how many times I am asked, “What is the true secrets of NLP and hypnosis, the things no one teaches?” Well the secrets are those truly elite things that most trainers do not teach because they do not know. In fact, only a select few on the planet know it and they do not share as they do not want you having this powerful information. You know this in your heart of hearts.

You dream of knowing what few do, and although NLP and Hypnosis scratch the surface, you feel there is something below that. Information that will radically change the way you communicate and increase your effectiveness beyond what few achieve. You know, really know, that those that create loyal followings, and build empires do something much different than those that do not. Most people get hung up on the content of what they do and overlook the magic.

Most of the secrets of master communication are there, but people do not see it, they are blind to it, but it works on them. Donald Trump, Ronald Reagan, JFK, Bill Clinton, Barrack Obama, Steve Jobs, all follow some techniques, but few know them all, we just see the results. It’s not content, it is something else.

I am like you, I have been there. I learned NLP and hypnosis almost 40 years ago and it really changed my world. I have traveled the world teaching NLP, Hypnosis and communication.

Join me on a journey you’ll never forget. Here’s what you’ll learn:

✓ How to become a master communicator

✓ How to influence people’s thoughts, behaviors and decision making

✓ How to get people to do what you want them to do, and have them think it was their own idea

✓ If you’re already a certified hypnotist, this course will teach you how to hypnotize clients faster, deeper and more effectively.

Once you have completed the course, you will receive your NFNLP certificate of attendance.

Course consists of hands-on practice, case studies, discussions, simulations, demonstrations and role-playing activities.

COURSE 3: Hypnoepigenetics

I have been on a quest studying why some people change and others do not, especially given the same tools. It started years ago in addictions, why do some people change totally and others keep going back? We see this phenomenon in every area from weight loss, those that lose 100 pounds and put it back on, even if they have gastric bypass, to smokers, to any behavior/attitude change. It even is applicable in the world of law of attraction, and creation, some get it others do not. After years of study, neuro-biology, neuro-plasticity, NLP, Hypnosis, EFT, CBT and more an in depth look at the what is the difference that makes the difference.
WELL I FOUND IT, and as my friend Captain Billy would say it was hidden in plain sight. I am working on a new program HYPNOEPIGENETICS that will walk you through the process of true change and creating the life you seek. This is the science behind miracles, the science of the Law of Attraction, The Law of Creation, and it must be experienced to be understood.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

✓ How the environment affects your genetic expression

✓ How thoughts can affect your health both negatively and positively

✓ How to turn genes on and off in your body

✓ How to use epigenetics for healing, triggering and improving intelligence and improving skills

WARNING this is not for the faint of heart or those who want to stay stuck, stay a victim, and not really change. This is a special training for those who want to be cutting edge! We believe in it so much that we will offer it as a complimentary gift to those who attend course 1 and course 2.


“This course was not only life and career altering, but life and career defining. I will forever be impacted by what I have learned and I will live differently. I will make it a mission to use these techniques to help clients and loved ones.”

– Will Crowley

“This course was excellent. Will did a great job breaking down the information to make it easy to understand and apply. I’m looking forward to adding this knowledge to my new hypnotism practice.”

– Debi Boushey, CI, BCH, OB

“I came with my 17-year-old son, since he is interested in taking psychology in college. I also wanted to improve myself and learn techniques that could help me with my career or future business. I will always cherish this memory of attending Dr. Horton’s class with my son. We both had a great time and learned so much. We are excited to use what we learned once we get home. Hoping to help others.”

– Jen Espiritu

“Dr. Horton uses a balance of demos, storytelling, theoretical readings, and a lot of practice to very effectively transit his know-how and his passion for the practice of hypnosis and NLP.”

– Andre-Claude Potvin

“Great material and well presented. Much clearer than other trainings on the subject. Fun and fast paced. Will is energetic and caring, and keeps the material interesting.”

– Robert Merlin, CI, BCH

“Wil is a joy and a very entertaining man. He really knows his ‘stuff.’ I imagine that his rate of success is high. I can’t believe I would feel as energized (and overloaded) with too many other teachers after four long, continuous days!”

– Kass Sobey-Knabb

Course 1: Dates: 19th,20th,21st,22nd,23rd, October, 2019: Hypnotherapy Certification (NGH and NFNLP)

Course 2: 24th October, 2019: Conversational hypnosis (NFNLP)

Course 3: 25th October, 2019: Hypnoepigenetics (NFNLP)


Course 1: $3000 all inclusive (No prerequisite)

Course 2: $750 (Course 1 prerequisite or equivalent NGH Certification)

Course 3: $750 or complimentary for people who have chosen bundle 1 (No prerequisite)


Bundle 1: Course 1+2+3: $3250 instead of $3750

Bundle 2: Course 1+3: $3250 instead of $3750

Bundle 3: Course 2+3: $1250 instead of $1500 (Proof of NGH certification should be presented)

For more information or to register, kindly contact us now on +96170925387 or [email protected]

Anthony Rizk

Anthony Rizk

Anthony Rizk has been a student and researcher of human behavior patterns, lateral thinking, behavioral change, NeuroLinguistic Programming and hypnosis for many years. He holds a Masters in Business Administration, and is NGH Certified, a peak performance strategist and coach, a NeuroLinguistic Programming Trainer, a Corporate Trainer and a Motivational Speaker.